JSTEST-NG testing and debugging JavaScript command line utility

JSTEST-NG is command line utility, is designed for testing and debugging JavaScripts from the command line. This tool is easy to handle and has several input parameters shown in the summary table below. If you run the program without parameters shows the help text on the keys and options.
Return values after processing the script, as well as the text of the script execution program displays.

Read more about the transmitted and received parameters scripts can be found in the manual API JavaScript scenario.

To reduce the command line parameters using environment variables, they are set to ksh shell - export command team, they are set to csh shell - setenv command team.
Priority configuration source selector next: command line -> environment variables.

To construct this JavaScript debuging software from the package IPSET-NG, unpack download archive and run the command: make clean ; make jstest
Read more about the build process, keys and options can be found in the section: tuning and compile options

Command line options:
-i, --ip=<arg> IP address to process
-t, --type=<arg> type rule: black | white
-x, --ext=<arg> other string, UserAgent,Href or more..
-g, --geo=<arg> path to MaxMind GeoIP database: /path/to/geo-dir
-s, --script=<arg> name of execute JavaScript file
-p, --path=<arg> path to JavaScript directory: /path/to/js-script
-e, --env display environment help
-h, --help display this help
More information about API ipset-ng JSON communication protocol.

Examples command line settings:

        # Example debug JavaScript 'script.js' located in path '/etc/ipset-ng/userscript':
        /usr/bin/jstest-ng -p /etc/ipset-ng/userscript -s script.js \
            -i -t black -x "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE..."

        # Example debug JavaScript 'script.js' in full path:
        /usr/bin/jstest-ng -s /etc/scr/script.js -i -t black

        # Example debug JavaScript 'script.js' is set geo path:
        /usr/bin/jstest-ng -s /etc/scr/script.js -i -t black -g /usr/share/GeoIP

Example ksh:
        export NG_JSTEST_path="/etc/ipset-ng/userscript"
        export NG_JSTEST_geo="/usr/share/GeoIP/"
Example csh:
        setenv NG_JSTEST_path="/etc/ipset-ng/userscript"
        setenv NG_JSTEST_geo="/usr/share/GeoIP/"
Environment set command and options:
NG_JSTEST_ip IP address to process
NG_JSTEST_type type rule: black | white
NG_JSTEST_ext other string, UserAgent,Href or more..
NG_JSTEST_geo path to MaxMind GeoIP database: /path/to/geo-dir
NG_JSTEST_script name of execute JavaScript file
NG_JSTEST_path path to JavaScript directory: /path/to/js-script

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