Utilites: buildblst - manage IPSET rules

To manage firewall rules based on iptables and ipset package IPSET-NG has utilites buildblst.
After installing the package, it should be on the path /usr/bin/buildblst.sh.

The complex ipset-ng solution centrally controls firewall rules provisioning and can be tailored to work with your organization's existing conceptions.
When installing the launch buildblst will automatically be added to the schedule of tasks cron service.

Command line key - buildblst


    This is part from ipset-ng access system
    Manage firewall rules and update Block List ipset format from pick-nik.ru

         usage init:    buildblst.sh [ --init-ipset ]
         usage erase:   buildblst.sh [ --erase-ipset ]
         usage delete:  buildblst.sh [ --delete-ipset ]
         usage backup:  buildblst.sh [ --backup-ipset ]
         usage restore: buildblst.sh [ --restore-ipset ]
         usage update:  buildblst.sh [ --update-net ]

Manually create standard schema initiate ipset and iptables rules.
Run the following command:

buildblst.sh --init-ipset

after, follow these steps:

buildblst.sh --update-net

This command downloads the latest updates of blacklists and updates ipset and iptables rules.

ATTENTION!: all files with the data of blocked IP addresses can be downloaded no more than ONCE EVERY SIX HOURS, please do not break this rule..

To save the updates in the event of a reboot or cleaning firewall rules, run the following command:

buildblst.sh --backup-ipset

You can always restore the previous saved state firewall by running the following command:

 buildblst.sh --restore-ipset

You can also clear all the ipset rules blacklist command:

 buildblst.sh --erase-ipset

or completely remove all of the ipset tables and clear iptables firewall rules:

 buildblst.sh --delete-ipset

For automatic updates, it is reasonable to put this command in cron service:

crontab <ipset-ng-src-dir>/misc/startup/updatecrl.cron

// command in file updatecrl.cron
// 00 01 * * * /usr/bin/buildblst.sh --update-net

And check installation to cron services, type:

crontab  -l

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