Download IPSET-NG Access System software package

READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING: This free software program is not guaranteed, and is provided as is..

Access via git

If you want to keep track of the IPSET-NG development right up to the minute, or view the change logs for each of the files in the source base, you can access the IPSET-NG master git repository directly, using a command such as: git clone

Download IPSET-NG blocked IP addresses list

  • Attention! all files with the data of blocked IP addresses can be downloaded no more than once every six hours, please do not break this rule.
  • Remember, to use the data for blocking IP may result unavailability of your service for some customers.
  • Data blocking IP blacklist updated once a day, at 01:00 o'clock Moscow time.

Every spam filtering software, appliance, or outsourced service uses IPSET-NG Blacklist (JSONBL) servers as a first line of defense, effective use of servers saves you bandwidth and system resources.

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